Sakura D4 chassis problems, front higher than rear

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I have a new chassis build. But I get one problem, the front is higher than rear, but I can't find the reason. I checked the manual, all parts are set correctly. But why is this so?

You can adjust damper height. Also check your front spring and rear spring. You might have in reversed.

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Do you have all the electronics fitted?
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(09-05-2018, 09:14 PM)MrAkhtar86 Wrote: Do you have all the electronics fitted?

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I guess I'm late but there's a few adjustments on the D4 chassis that can cause this.  The inner suspension blocks have metal plates underneath them to adjust roll center, are there any on the rear?  Also each corner on the lower arm has droop screws, perhaps they're in further on the rear compared to the front?

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