Calcium SN95

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Hiya~ its been forever since ive seen a post in WIP so im throwing in my build for my project~ but i also am gonna need help on how to make it work out......

See the plan was to make it look more like this figure i bought:

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

But at the same time match the d3 chassis, but i dont think that be too hard with her colors....

[Image: r6LNA1U.jpg]
[Image: 1L6Ampv.jpg]
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Sanded and cut down the body~

[Image: w3Yxxaz.jpg]
[Image: XGQiKtI.jpg]
[Image: Al0zqXs.jpg]

10 points to whoever can find my screw up.....
I got a gift from the mailman today

[Image: Y5wu5YZ.jpg]
[Image: QQvabBn.jpg]
I messed up badly on the body's painting so im waiting on the new body, while i wait on the new parts im changing up the setup of my D3 for a more competition car, hopefully when its all done itll be ready for comps

in the mean time heres a pic of all three cars of mine side by side~ o:
[Image: 9ifA9Jj.jpg]

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