how to keep your forum alive...

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Hi guys

I'm new here and got frustrated really quickly so came here to give you some feedback. First of all great work, its clear to me really quickly, that this site has the potential to be the best dedicated RC drift forum on the internet.

However, I started looking around and I see information for RWD drift RC spread across 10-20 separate forums with the same information.

I believe this is what has resulted in people not knowing where to post, and things end up somewhat everywhere, so the community gets very fragmented.

I suggest you look at a way to reduce the huge number of sub-forums you have, and try and consolidate the community a little more, otherwise you will continue seeing what you're seeing now.. which is thousands of views per single post(!!!!) and not much interaction.

You've got several forums here that haven't been posted in since 2018 or even 2017. Those are your first candidates for removal/consolidation.

You've also got 2 dedicated RWD drift forums. One is for... " Chassis, Styles, and Product Discussions " and the other is for " Chassis Setups " ... why? just bring them all in together... its not like you're getting hundreds of post per day and need to separate it all out...

Some of these entire forums could just be a sticky post in the top of another single forum.


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