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Newbie from WA
Hello all, my name (as you can probably tell) is Bryan, im 21 in the USCG stationed in Seattle, Wa. So any other rc drifters in this area hit me up! I just recently started drifting with my HPI Sprint 2 Sport. The only thing I have done are wheels/tires, a couple bodies (AE86 Levin and an S13 Silvia), and a front one way diff. I am running an unknown amount of camber/caster/toe on all four corners but I seem to handle it just fine? Real weird if you ask me. I drifted on a track/polished concrete for the first time with some local drifters and loved it, makes me want to get more into it than I thought I would. Now, what are some good "hop ups" that would give me more steering angle? I know CS is a huge thing but I don't think I am ready for it, one of the guys at the track had a CS modded one and it was tough to get use to, but his was also at 85%. Anywho, I will need to get a different Servo so basically, any suggestions on ANYTHING RC drift related is wonderful! Hopefully I get some good input from you guys. Now onto my pics of my little lady of the night (or day whatever you want to call her lol)

[Image: AE86_Levin_zpsa6a735e8.jpg]
[Image: ae86_Levin2_zps96488bca.jpg]
Welcome to DM! There are a couple of guys on the forum in your neck of the woods.
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welcome to DM
Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
Welcome to DM, nice to have ya on board:)
Welcome bro, theres always someone here with an answer to your question, trust me. Ive had quite a few question when i first got on here :)
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I've found Towerhobbies will often send you a wicked coupon if you put a watch notice on something out of stock. I've gotten a few $20 of $50 coupons this way.

Get a good servo, once. Hitec, Futaba, Savox or maybe the new OMG brand. I've been running my coreless Hitec for two years, no servo saver. Get something <0.10 sec transition speed, preferably coreless (smoother) and preferably digital (faster, more accurate). I tried a cheapo off brand from hobbypartz for a project drifter I've been working on... the best thing I can say is that it does indeed turn on. But it's slower and very inaccurate compared to the ratings.

Great meeting you the other day! Hope to see you around at future Raincity meets.  - Seattle's scale drift club
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