Team Magic E4D-MF Pro

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Buddy and I been looking at the Team Magic E4D-MF Pro.
This car looks real nice.
Like to know what others think about the car .

E4D-MF Pro Features:
-Full Ball Bearings
-3 Belts Transmission
-2.5mm Glitter Carbon Fiber Chassis
-2.5mm Glitter Carbon Fiber Upper Deck
-2.5mm Glitter Carbon Fiber Shock Towers
-7075 Aluminium Steering System with Ball Bearings
-7075 Aluminium Motor Mount
-7075 Aluminium Anodized Shock Bodies
-Fully Adjustable Turnbuckles
-4 Settings Adjustable Chassis Flexibility
-Quick Release Battery Holder

E4D-MF Pro Main Specs:
-Width: 187.5mm adjustable
-Wheelbase: 255~260mm adjustable
-Front: Oneway/Spool Diff. Adjustable
-Rear: Spool Diff.

[Image: lg1000015698_1.jpg]

[Image: lg1000015698_2.jpg]

[Image: lg1000015698_4.jpg]

[Image: lg1000015698_5.jpg]

[Image: lg1000015698_7.jpg]

[Image: lg1000015698_10.jpg]
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Yeah looks pretty good! I wouldn't mind trying it out.

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Are local Hobby shop is trying to be dealer for team magic stuff

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(11-08-2012, 02:33 AM)Dorvack Wrote:
(11-08-2012, 01:11 AM)mp3ranger Wrote: Like to know what others think about the car .

Team Magic is a good brand, and this looks like a well designed chassis, especially that center belt tensioner.

How's the parts availability in your area?


On got all the parts instock. But the car is on back order
looks like a DRB clone personally. the only thing they changed was that it is a 3 belt setup instead of a 2 belt. it has the same motor layout, same steering rack and looks like the same front end. might be a good performer since it has DRB roots though.

i would get one to try it if i didnt already have a DRB myself
I want to replace my sprint 2 drift with the  Team Magic E4D-MF Pro. Its got tobe better than the sprint 2.
(11-08-2012, 03:07 AM)mp3ranger Wrote: I want to replace my sprint 2 drift with the  Team Magic E4D-MF Pro. Its got tobe better than the sprint 2.

im hopin to hear some good stuff about this chassis ,really considering pullin the trigger on one :Wink:
My buddy keeps saying he's going to get one.   When he does (that's if), i'll let you know.   I used to race a TM 200mm nitro sedan and I was really happy with the quality of the kit.   TM seems to have fallen off in popularity though.
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Hey guys. I just recently got an E4D MF Pro chassis and equiped it with a 10.5..
Straight out of the box...the car is not set up coutersteer but has great potential. Kfactory has a countersteer upgrade kit for about $45 usd. I think im going to have to order one. You could try gearing it yourself and fitting it with a new belt or two but i think im going to try the kfactory option first. The car has a 48 degree steering angle travel which in my opinion is sufficient enough but im sure there are ways to increase that. The front one way diff also comes on the stock out of the box chassis. All you have to do is fill the shocks with desired shock oil. The included shock oil is 300 weight. Over all....My opinion is good of the Team Magic E4D MF PRO. It looks awesome. Performs kickass as a 50/50 set up car and there is room for doing some mods which after all is a huge part of the hobby. Right? Once i get the cs upgrade Ill let you guys know. Cheers
Any pictures?  I've never seen this car in person and all I've seen are the same press release photos that have been floating around the web the past few months.
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