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違法な - 漂流 佐之男 (o ̄∀ ̄)ノ! ^^
Thanks for opinions :) It's a ABC Hobby body.
Here you go! Almost finished:
[Image: 10440967_735094749864885_4087254219681982473_n.jpg]

[Image: 10389655_747972011910492_3717732444800437893_n.jpg]

[Image: 10401335_747958451911848_942623012114859538_n.jpg]

Tomorow we are going for Raceism International Fest, so i think I will get more and better photos :)
I really hate how much I am in love with the S13 body. And from what I have seen here you have done her justice. I can't wait till you post photos of her in the sunlight.
3Racing Sakura D3 WIP thread
Which order did you have to do the paintwork in dude?
Good work man!
osh... didnt have time because of school and work to work at mine Boso :)

[Image: WP_20150118_11_16_20_Raw.jpg]

[Image: WP_20150118_11_12_25_Raw.jpg]

some track shots :)

to finish: oilcooler some lights, and start drifting ^^


PS: Painting: 1 layer of transluscent purple, 1 layer of sparkle, covered black :)
I think now body is finished :)
 [Image: 20hsqiq.png]  

 [Image: al6n49.png] its even drifting :D
Sry for post under post. Just share some pics:

[Image: 2q0ls2h.jpg]

[Image: 34nfzo0.jpg]

[Image: kexjwp.jpg]

[Image: 1z4bfaw.jpg]

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