Hoach's Rocketbunny S13

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Hello DM,

Here is the RB S13 i been working on. Please let me know what you think.

Yokomo S13 Extreme
Addiction Rocketbunny Front bumper.
Addiction Rocketbunny Rear bumper.
Addiction Rocketbunny 1/4 panels
Addiction Rocketbunny front fenders
Addiction Rocketbunny rear wing
Maruma Factory Sideskirts
Yokomo Light buckets, mirrors, wipers
Custom exhaust
Scale Dynamic meshies.

[Image: 10269363_10154165532930416_4895108394257514895_n.jpg]

[Image: 10301066_10154165533180416_8800212568382035062_n.jpg]
Overdose + Tail-Slider MST XXX-D VIP FM Red w/ HT Suspension Fully upgraded :^^:

Looks great

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Keep Drifting Fun
[Image: 9121590828_f56a93fe31_o.jpg]
wow. great built. love it
[Image: 222_zpsccdcf383.jpg]

Here For the love of RC Drifting
gorgeous build. super clean, nice stance, and one heck of a color

[Image: newsig.jpg]

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