TT01 Active Hobby CS 1.76 installtion

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Hi all,

I'm about to purchase the TT-02 & 01 COUNTER DRIFT UNIT ver1.76 (17T/25T)[STR164] from Active Hobby ( Just wanted to know if I needed any other parts to install it? Or would I just need to take out the stock rear diff and install the new CS ones?


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Just take out the rear diff and install. Don't remember if the stock outshaft cups needed changing, but I think stock works fine. Just make sure to have it meshed correctly and make sure to use the supplied shims. When installed moved the rear wheels by hand and feel for any slippage or grinding. Then run the car in the air slowly if it moves freely. Then test it while being lightly on the throttle and hear for any grinding or abnormal noise. If all is good then you've properly meshed it and good to drift. A while back the first versions of the TT01 cs gears where notorious for stripping teeth so its just a precautionary to be sure things are good before drifting full throttle.
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Cool thanks for that lougc8. Just gotta find where to get one now. These things sell like hot cakes.
I have both a TT-01-2 after reading this I would also recommend this as well for spur gear. It has been great for changing chewed gears which will happen, also for adapting larger or smaller gears from other manufactures.
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