Subie and m3 on XXX

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Here are my two bodies. Mounted on XXX-D Pro VIP. Converted to rwd. Thinking about getting a demiworks Ls1 engine
Bay on the m3...trying to go for a clean street monster look lol suggestions guys?

[Image: image_zps0e0e76b2.jpg]
[Image: image_zps1374acf9.jpg]
[Image: image_zps416f11f5.jpg]
[Image: image_zpsaed525a7.jpg]
Nice... m3 is killin! Are those yeah racing drift wheel??? If so are they any good?
I'd say you've already got a clean street monster look on that M3! Both are really well done.

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That m3 is killin' it! I think it looks good just the way it is!
Do some body lines on the M3 and add mirrors and wipers and it will be stunning (it already is stunning but those lil bits will finish her off)
[Image: 017c3ad6-f4d2-4efe-b892-651f90a5a852_zpse241be08.jpg]
Nice metallic green!!

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