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VanekSAM RCD garage [RUS]
Hello, my friends!
My name is Ivan and I'm from Russia (Moscow City)
Very soon I will be 17 years
I, as you know, also RC Drifter held by the hobby for almost 3 years
In my garage I have 2 chassis:
1)enRoute JXR012 V2-B
[Image: c9a539729ddb.jpg]

2)R31 RWD Drift GRT
[Image: a8a29207f960.jpg]
With it, you need to work, the chassis is not configured.
Who can advise a good setup - I would be very grateful

The only photo of the chassis on the move
[Image: c1cb2eb108e2.jpg]
Also, my one of the favorite cases - "creation" of bodies for themselves

At the moment I have 12 bodies - 11 colored and 1 clear, all in his garage, I had about 20, it is very glad
And so, that at the moment I have:

1)My first painted body, which is still with me - Toyota Supra (Tamiya)
[Image: 9d18b9ecbac2.jpg]
More photos just those that are currently on my shelf

[Image: cc25869e62ac.jpg]
[Image: 94ec37d6c397.jpg]
[Image: 464ef594dff8.jpg]
[Image: 495699584af3.jpg]
3)Toyota Aristo/Lexus GS400 (Tamiya)

[Image: 51e0c589171a.jpg]
[Image: 08387cac2e0e.jpg]
[Image: 2b5f7f4e0c62.jpg]
[Image: 48daad05cf14.jpg]
4)Nissan Laurel C33 (YOKOMO) Replica
[Image: cd22d6e5809d.jpg]
[Image: f6acae1038a9.jpg]
[Image: 8bbaf7dc2de2.jpg]
[Image: 0dcde048c247.jpg]
[Image: b5087a15974a.jpg]
[Image: 1f6b419ac8b8.jpg]
[Image: 39592d2c3a73.jpg]
5)Toyota Crown (I think is not very good)

[Image: 18076eedc1e3.jpg]
[Image: 217db2d7461a.jpg]
6) Nissan Skyline ER34 (Yokomo) - My lovely body

[Image: 889d7d3bea3c.jpg]
[Image: 1771ddc1a02b.jpg]
[Image: aef107cd30d1.jpg]
[Image: 7b05e991a839.jpg]
[Image: ed02433017e1.jpg]
[Image: 084dcac766f7.jpg]
[Image: 1b582ee3c493.jpg]
End of the part [1]
7)Another not very good body - Nissan Skyline ER34 China-made

[Image: aa47851ce5d9.jpg]

[Image: 700c1d8c60bb.jpg]
8)Toyota Chaser JZX100 (Yokomo) W.I.P.
[Image: 52eb9007aa1f.jpg]

[Image: a4e80df85d27.jpg]
9)Toyota Altezza (TAMIYA!!!) - MY LOVE   <3
[Image: a93a23fcb149.jpg]

[Image: 4beb7ff8523f.jpg]

[Image: b1c26f7c8f8d.jpg]

[Image: 8cce36f51ed4.jpg]
This body now
[Image: a148dad36d72.jpg]

[Image: de6a94a58076.jpg]
10)Nissan 180SX (ABC Hobby rebuild)

[Image: 21b5ea91197d.jpg]
[Image: 4adcddcf26db.jpg]
11)Toyota AE86 (China)

[Image: 0fd21f67ad3d.jpg]
12)Nissan Silvia S13 (YOKOMO) unpainted

[Image: 95f636f67091.jpg]

And also, my work, which have been sold

[Image: 22f6803b6bb2.jpg]
[Image: 6a9b7b428e08.jpg]
[Image: 413ac477bbc6.jpg]
[Image: d5d174db1cc6.jpg]
[Image: c14935c5e344.jpg]
[Image: 64deea048b5d.jpg]
[Image: 51319463c98f.jpg]

And my first RCD body Lol
[Image: 8ce6d8292a7d.jpg]
[Image: bd5b30262d35.jpg]
[Image: 7fbaa4a73766.jpg]

I think at this point enough, many of my works are sold, who are interested - please contact me
Will gradually fill up the topic
Thank you all for your attention!!!
From Russia with love =D

WOW   B)  Thanks for sharing. Some pretty sweet looking bodies there.
Some great looking bodies there mate ?
Great work and awesome collection!
Enroute JXRWD 

Mad Machine IG / Mad Machine FB
(10-14-2014, 02:01 PM)H0LESH0T Wrote:  WOW   B)  Thanks for sharing. Some pretty sweet looking bodies there.

Thanks a lot,  I'm glad to hear that =)
(10-14-2014, 02:10 PM)foku5 Wrote:  Great work and awesome collection!

Thanks bro

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