Toyota Crown Majesta

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It's finally done, my new VIP-Styled body. How do you like it?

- LED-Stripes
- rear lights made of fiber glass
- Grill made of metal wire
- Interior (dashboard, door panels)

Building time: 25.9-16.10.2014
Weight: 432g
Amount of LEDs used: 31

[Image: 20141017_180825.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_180915.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_180926.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_180839.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_180936.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_180942.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_181000.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_181012.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_181024.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_181039.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_181103.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_181407.jpg]
[Image: 20141017_181436.jpg]

I hope you like it!
[Image: RCDC_sig.png]
Great job, headlights look amazing.
thank you! Will try to make some sun-pics (when our weather gets better lol) so the pearl-effect shows up.
[Image: RCDC_sig.png]
Damn! Very impressive sir!

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