Anyone done a Pandora R32 4dr "normal" GT-R bodykit?

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                Just wondering if anyone out there has tried putting a "normal" GT-R bodykit on the Pandora R32 4dr?  I don't have any photo shop skills but here is a few pics of what it might look like from real cars.  Thinking it would be pretty friggin sweet!  Might try it myself!
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Pandora Bodies are kinda weird.  

You will have to find a GT-R body kit first, then hope it fits the Pandora style bodies.  

The bottom half of Pandora bodies are shaped like this --->       \------/  

They are designed to give the look of Stance or Extreme amounts of camber.

They are also kinda narrow, so body kits may be too wide or not fit the body.

You could custom fab a body kit out of styrene, or 3-D print a body kit. The only issues are that these materials are extremely heavy and may throw off the handling and balance of the chassis.  

I would say go for it, but it may end up as time and money wasted.
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Thanks for the advice. I was gonna start off cheap first. I have an old beat up Tamiya r32 l was gonna test fit some panels on. Tamiya bodies are usually narrower than most of the newer bodies so it may end up working out. If I decide to do it I'll make sure I document the process.

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