Pretty In Pink

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Mini photo shoot of my basher.

[Image: 28ab75e14d20d5bcf1752192c22277ad.jpg][Image: 217d25014da35a45ac62335b6654c059.jpg][Image: 1ae2d1971247a254c91c3bd91549985f.jpg][Image: f9c7c1e59ab5e3eb6b3adb4fc03be80d.jpg][Image: 59836833b53d22983e4b83bebbe56db3.jpg][Image: 393aec4dff9e082bd0d2c508dc9ea441.jpg]

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I love this! One of my favorite shells right there. This made me want to unpack my dlike s13 and start masking, cutting and painting immediately. Smile
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pretty in pink taco!
[Image: 0000.jpg]
That's awesome

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