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Toyota Carina A63 missile
Hi guys!
Today I want to show you my pandora body of Toyota Carina. It's almost done, I only need to make some of finishing touches (light, paint etc).
But anyway here is the first look. When it's done I try to shoot more pictures using my Canon and not my iPhone!
[Image: 4c18c27610d461126c197c57c8e13c66.jpg][Image: 47374b1d4f08e6ddd60dbb7c4b7dc879.jpg][Image: f3f529a65e8a824e5289f315c2ff28bf.jpg][Image: 2cd2c8f43670160f891fba36e63ce911.jpg][Image: 168b74c35771d16a967451a63b770161.jpg]
Looks great, I like the beaten up look
Very nicely done can't wait to see more :)

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@wilkewhaq haha thanks man. Special for you a little preview...
Guess what this one is?

[Image: 28e50c62c4d725c612ca6968a85e0ba0.jpg]
@glenyboy @wilkewhaq
It's finally finished! I don't know what to add anymore, maybe a few tires and a rope on the roof I don't know?! Do you guys have some suggestions?[Image: b3780e80cf62517f080cfa5c9135ac57.jpg]
A scaled bumper sticker, or a pizza shop delivery sign on the roof.
[Image: 342af09e98d4a8986db19214ab954728.jpg]
@glenyboy haha thats a very good idea. I'm gonna search for something like that in the Netherlands!

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Hahahaha no really [emoji23]

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