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New upgrade for my Pandora body
After a few beers and a lot of glue and paint I finished my new upgrade! I don't know how you call something like this in English (I speak Dutch) but it's look great I think?!
[Image: 69950bdc8bdf84acdbe06155b99819b6.jpg]
[Image: d3141ed9ff4d6c8a49c356768c4d0c6c.jpg]
Love it! Great addition :)

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@wilkewhag it's finished![Image: 1c86e15cf98b13ae5c17ff20a48a00d7.jpg][Image: e3ba87558112c26d859da6bc36be6a6e.jpg]
Looks great
Well done! Good job on the beers mate! Lol

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