Hpi E10 Countersteer Setup

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Alright guys.
So i finally took on converting my e10 to countersteer.
I've succeeded but now i dont know how much overdrive i have. I know its some, but not much. Which Ive read is good for CS Beginners.
For those who dont know, this chassis shaft driven, so i couldnt use the drift mission calculator to find out my CS Ratio. Or whatever u might call it.
Anyways, my front diff pinion is 13t with 38t ring gear. And rear diff pinion is 15t with 38t ring gear.
Does anyone know how to calculate this?

Also i'll explain how to do this conversion in a video soon. Its verryy simple. Only cost around $15 and a bit of careful cutting with a blade. Lmk if ur interested.
Hpi E10.CSD
Sakura D4 RWD
I'm interested.

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