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New from Toronto Area
(11-02-2015, 03:43 AM)Electro-Industrial Wrote:  Hello and welcome to DM.
Nice M3 you got there, especially with all those other bodies in a row.
What chassis are you running? =)


Like I said just finished it last week and have had about an hour track time with it.  Will get more this week for sure and hopefully get more this week and get everything dialed in.
Here she is just prior to finishing up.  Will start upgrading the suspension and steering components when my abilities start to match that of teh stock car, or I break it.
[Image: bare_zpswolwybjr.jpg]
Going to start my next body this week as well.  The M30 was a cheap HPI build to see how the Matte black on black would look.  Now to source and find something special.

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