D-LIKE DL-108 S14 Body

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Hey guys,

anyone know where I can get this spoiler and mirrors for this body set?

having a tough time locating this.

[Image: D-Like-S14-Late-Version-Kouki-Version-2-...90x105.jpg]
The mirrors look like the ones off the Yokomo GP Sports 180 and S15, which you can buy separate from the body on ebay (comes with wipers and rear spoiler). And the spoiler is actually by D-Like themselves.
[Image: dls1404.jpg]
[Image: dls1403.jpg]
Their spoilers are a bit rough though (I used to have their 180 body with their type X wing) so it will need some sanding and a bit of filing to get it smooth to paint.
[Image: AWESOMENESS.jpg]
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