A-BO-MOON R32 Tribute

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It took a long time to finish, but after two years of build time (whereof almost 24 month untouched on the shelf ^^) my A-BO-MOON R32 is finally ready for action. Big Grin

Body: Pandora R32 4door
Color: Tamiya Blue Metallic - PS59 / backed black

[Image: a-bo-moon-1dyyjc.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-350zcv.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-20vztz.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-47ey1m.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-5pulgp.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-6r9zq3.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-7h4zud.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-8fulwe.jpg]

[Image: a-bo-moon-981ap4.jpg]

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