HPI E10 and HSP Flying Fish

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so now I have 4 (5 if i win the auction) bodies, 4 sets of wheels, 5 sets of tires (4 hard plastic, 1 rubber set), i have a pit case finally, and I am seeing if i can get another hsp for a buddy of mine as we have been going out and sliding at least 3 times a week (I've been going every night). I think im addicted and i love it. last night I finally mastered a full speed down hill run at my buddies apartment complex followed by an impressive uphill run. i'm currently locating more chalk to try and draw out a track for more precise sliding.

[Image: fpov_013.jpg]
i just got another rc working.
[Image: drift_king_1.jpg]
anybody know this reciever?
[Image: drift_king_2.jpg]

[Image: drift_king_3.jpg]

[Image: drift_king_4.jpg]

[Image: drift_king_5.jpg]
Need better pics I have a spectrum dx2e Rx and tx if you want it on trade

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And motors and esc's

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[Image: 55_chevy_body_010.jpg]
new body
[Image: 55_chevy_body_011.jpg]
picked my color
[Image: 55_chevy_body_012.jpg]
like it so far
[Image: 55_chevy_body_013.jpg]
first mounting
[Image: 55_chevy_body_014.jpg]
all thats left is to paint the bumpers. first body i have done from scratch.
so i'm back and this time with a tamiya. Its a tamiya calsonic skyline TL01. when it gets here i'll post some pics.

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