7R-garage 180sx-TETSUJIN ARMY _lots of pics!_

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Hi everyone,
this the very last creation from 7R-garage

Inspired by the "volklinger s14", the "NAVY s13" and the "Marines 180sx"
i decided to make something different...and this is what came out: the "TETSUJIN ARMY 180sx".

The body is almost stock spec, i've only decided for minor changes in the cutting here's the list:
-yokomo 180sx toyo GP sports + lightbuckets
-HPi muffler
-Speedwaypal chrome wing stay
-Speedwaypal +7 TE37R all around
-Wrap-up light decals (180sx gp sport kit)
-TETSUJIN light system
-TETSUJIN 3D plate
-custom painting (on the outside)
• ps14 copper
• airbrushed "old effect" with acrilics Tamiya xs-18/xf-1 (semi gloss & flat black)
• sponged eroded effect with alchool & water
• airbushed aircraft markings in flat white
• custom printed decals set
• some little 1:32 scale aircraft waterslide decals

i think that's all....
if you have any question feel free to ask ^.^

Thanks 4 your attention folks, it's time for the pics! Enjoy...

[Image: 7reaperzfirmaarmy.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy11.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy26.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy3.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy27.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy14.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy16.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy22.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy19.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy20.jpg]

[Image: 180tetsujinarmy25.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy13.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy28.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy7.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy21.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy18.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy8.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy24.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy9.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy1.jpg]

[Image: 180tetsujinarmy17.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy2.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy23.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy4.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy6.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy12.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy5.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy10.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy15.jpg]
[Image: 180tetsujinarmy29.jpg]

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Looks absolutely awesome. Great job on the weathering, man!
(03-18-2013, 09:37 PM)Davis Wrote: Looks absolutely awesome. Great job on the weathering, man!

tnx mate Wink
dude! I love your work! your work it truely inspirational! very well done.
That looks stunning
This is insane!!!
Amazing work!!! LOVE IT!
Wow i can only hope that one day my rc bodies would look as good as this.
Only one word came to mind while looking at the pictures:


Yokomo Type-C - RWD
Wrap-Up Next FR-D - RWD
When I saw this my jaw dropped.. The detailing of the riveting and the grease stains flowing from the rivets is amazing.. I have worked with many aircraft and your detailing is very comparable to that of real rivets on an aircraft..Body of the month submission right here.. Great job..
The underdog drifter....
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