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Full Version: Sheldon's Hobbies San Jose Cali
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Well, the locals (including myself) are there almost every weekend, Team Tengu is there every Sunday, and (most of us) are really nice guys and if you just ask, we'll go out of our way to help you with your setups and what not :P

(jk on the most of us are nice, we're all secretly assholes :P)
Cool to hear that. I might stop by and check it out.

I took this video when I was there buying stuff. I can't wait to go back with my car lol
I love this track. I was there a while back and was connecting the whole track pretty quick. That blind spot is a pain though.

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That blind spot is crazy. I ripped the front bumper off my fc there haha

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lol I was there 2 or so weeks ago. Sure enough I lost my car in the blind spot so i gassed it lightly hoping it would peek out eventually. It disappeared! Homie next to me even jumped down to help look for it and it was nowhere to be seen. Somehow it ended up underneath the garage area lol. Still a great track though and very rewarding when you connect everything consistently.
just giving you guys a heads up they gonna be letting people rent drift cars there so there might be alot of new people coming out and trying it out there
Wait.. dont they already do? Unless they stopped it for a while.. I havent been there in a while. Probably be going this saturday
i heard they use to but the scene is getting bigger i guess more people coming out to check it out
This was the reason I wanted to get into the drift scene.
Finally dropped by a few weeks ago, fell in love immediately.
Can't wait till I get back to start learning to drift haha.
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