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Full Version: Sheldon's Hobbies San Jose Cali
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[Image: 563855_10200902618278688_106187918_n.jpg]

It looks cool but the blind spots and rental drivers can be effing annoying
still looks fun
Nice, I wish we had nice tracks, we only have one 1/10th scale track and they frown upon drifting, I tried to talk them into drift events and got told to take a hike.
Close minded racers are so full of shit. They look down on us like our hobby has no place in R/C. That's why hobby shops and tracks are always closing down. Just check out the RC Tech Forums, it's the biggest online R/C community. To this day, there's an "Official Drift Thread" but no official drift section. Even the print major print magazines. Sure here and there drifting gets a mention, but it never really gets in depth. (I'lll give an exception to Xtreme RC Cars though, their content compared to the others was always way more varied)
There's a hobby shop in Sacramento that sells the typical HPI USA drift stuff but tell me why they won't let you drift in their parking lot. Sure go ahead and drive your Slash or Revo, but just not your drift car.
same thing over here on the east coast. I feel bad for closed minded racers. that lifestyle is hard. (used to race as well)
Closed minded people in any hobby suck. All.they do is turn away new people with their 'tude and the hobby starts to die a slow and painfull death.
Yup if I were to open up a place.. It would rc heaven.. There would a crawling place, offroading, drifting, boating, and aerial area... It will happen one day... It sucks that people are closed minded like that.. That's true that is what kills the hobby... I for one eat, breath, live drifting now.. As I am typing this I am working on the d3.. Lol..
yeah all the above except grip racing lol
Hey I like touring too.. Hehe..
touring is fun. its just a pain in the butt
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